original PYO hut

Grove Farm Pick Your Own started in 1981 when Brussel Sprouts that were grown for wholesale could not be harvested and were offered to the public to pick themselves. Each year it grew as new fruits and vegetables were added by demand.

The PYO now covers approximately 80 acres with over 30 different fruits and vegetables from June through to October. Our Pick Your Own enables you to select your produce fresh from the field, in season, at it’s best!

The farm is situated on the outskirts of Ivinghoe Village within the Chiltern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is beautiful open countryside that is easily accessible from Aylesbury, Luton, Milton Keynes and London.

A visit is a wonderful day out for children. It is a big, safe site away from general traffic in the fresh country environment. Also it is educational for children to help you pick and see how different crops grow, it might even encourage some to eat more “greens”!