Grove Farm PYO are going to charge for all our packaging this year. All of our costs have gone up but by reducing our packaging costs we can minimise the price increases on our fruit and vegetables and will even be able to keep Strawberries and some other crops the same as last year. But this does not necessarily mean an extra expense for you, we hope you will BYO to the PYO, Bring Your Own packaging! Save up the punnets, containers and bags you get from your other grocery shopping.

We have always cancelled the weight of our baskets on the scales. If you BYO packaging we will weigh the heavier containers on the way in to work out how much to take off at the till. For each item of your own packaging you bring we will also make a donation to our charities.

If you do not BYO packaging we will have packaging that you can buy on the way in. This will be stamped and if you reuse it on your next visit will obviously then be BYO and free. We hope you reuse all our packaging but if not the boxes and punnets can be recycled and our bags are compostable starch based and can be reused as kitchen caddy liners or composted not recycled.

We hope you understand why we have had to take this step. It will reduce some of our costs without necessarily adding expense to your trip which means we can pass that saving onto keeping our fruit and vegetable prices as low as possible. It will also have the important added benefits of reducing waste and generating donations to our charities.